Los Angeles, California, 2018

The Linear House is the remodel of an existing long and narrow residence in Mt. Washington in Los Angeles. It resembles a vernacular gabled roof structure and is clad in a singular material, wood shingles, to give it a uniform appearance. On the interior, the house is divided into the public areas with kitchen, dining, and living room at the front, and the back area with bedrooms, baths, and a hallway with a thick storage wall. The interior volume at the front mirrors the building’s exterior shape, while the back spaces follow the strategy of sectional layering of nested rooms. Small volumes are placed inside the large envelope, turning each private space into a miniature house. The resulting pochĂ© is used to capture natural light from skylights, directing it through large tubes to the spaces below. While the rooms are small, the sectional strategy provides a sense of generosity. 

Client: Private
Type: Residential
Year: 2018
Location: Los Angeles
Project Team: Katrin Terstegen, 
Ryan Han, Sophia Le, Klaude Matias, Peter Biggart