Los Angeles, California, 2017

The Infinite Store is a prototype for stores that require storage and display of small and precious merchandise. The basic module consists of an 18” wide unit that can be repeated infinitely and adapt to any found condition. Its lower portion consists of storage; the upper part is an illuminated display case. The modules together form walls, line existing walls, turn into rooms by wrapping corners, and can, through the addition of elements such as full height doors, respond to specific existing conditions. The modules can also be adjusted for the display of larger merchandize, such as books, objects, or clothes.

For the project shown here, the Infinite Store was adapted to house a jewelry store in downtown Los Angeles. A sales counter, wrapped in vertical slats that mirror the rhythm of the display cases, was added, and everything rendered in grey, so that the jewelry takes center stage. 

Client: Linda's Jewelry

Type: Retail

Year: 2017
Location: Los Angeles

Project Team: Katrin Terstegen, Ryan Han