​​​+ Linear City (Spring 2024) 

Professional Elective. Cal Poly Pomona, Department of Architecture​

Linear City immersed thirty architecture students in an exploration of the architectural, urban, and sociocultural significance of Wilshire Boulevard, the 16-mile spine dubbed Los Angeles’ “Linear City.” Click here to see the culminating work produced by the students through three exercises: “One-Mile Walk", “Two Miles Of Wilshire”, and “Guide to Twelve on Wilshire". 

+ Corners, Crowns, and Plinths (Fall 2023 & Spring 2024) 

Professional Elective. Cal Poly Pomona, Department of Architecture​
How does a façade negotiate a corner? How do buildings transition to the ground and “meet the sky”? And how does the deliberate articulation of these conditions generate a narrative intrinsic to the building and its relationship to the context, producing meaning beyond mere pragmatic problem-solving? In the seminar Corners, Crowns, and Plinths, students were challenged to examine these critical junctures. In five exercises, students explored and documented the nuances of these conditions 
through precise drawings and detailed text. To see their culminating work, click here (Fall 2023) and here (Spring 2024).

+ Studies in Material Culture (Spring 2017)

Professional Elective. Cal Poly Pomona, Department of Architecture

This seminar explored how materials shape the language of architecture, examining materiality as an integral part of the architectural design process, not as a separate exercise. The goal was to develop a 'syntax' or set of principles for using materials, and students conducted in-depth research on various material categories to work towards this. The seminar culminated in a short design exercise that investigated how material choices influence the perception and reading of a building, using the Farnsworth House as a case study. Click here to see the results of the design exercise, featured on the seminar's student-directed blog.

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